Dave Hanson

I have so many fond memories of my Grandad Dave, which were created around the world. 

I travelled with him to Egypt, Australia, Thailand and of course Spain. Even though I was very young in some of these adventures I have some quite vivid memories of me and him hiking alongside great canyons or playing with scorpions. It was the perfect balance between young and old and we always had a lot of fun together. I remember how we were on a huge and scary waterslide in Thailand and when we got to the bottom he was laughing because he had nearly lost his fake teeth because we were screaming so much on the way down, although he was 76 he wanted to go on every single ride that was there and was also eager to hike up waterfalls and climb up millions of stairs to look at Buddha temples!  I truly believe that I got my love for traveling from my Grandad.  

I also have many Lovley memories of family meetings at his home in England, we went up there nearly every easter holiday and every Christmas, I always got exited way before we got there and the drive to the ferry and arriving the next morning was a truly Lovley tradition. His house was like a second home for me, and all the cousins always had a wonderful time staying there and playing games like hide and seek or tigers. 

One of my most favourable things about grandad was his cooking, I would have visited every week end just to get a roast dinner made by Grandad or every other meal to be honest. 

I will always remember him with a smile on his face sitting at the head of the table, while the whole family was there talking loudly laughing and enjoying his meals.  

He will always have a special part in my Life and be an important person in my early memories. 


Tristan Fendel

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