Margaret Potts


I met Mag in 1974, she moved next door in Julius gardens when she moved down from Haltwhistle. We hit it off straight away and she was the best friend and neighbour. When I was pregnant with my twins I craved chocolate and she used to make me her delicious chocolate cake which she had to keep in her fridge as I would have eaten the lot in one go. I used to sneak in cut myself a piece and she would shout. “Is that you Trina” yeh I’d say “Just getting cake”. We did laugh about it for years after. She helped me when I had my twins in 1977. She used to come straight in to me from work (after putting her pressure cooker dinner on) to help me feed the babies and have a coffee. It got I was clock watching around 5.30 waiting for her to come in. She was my sanctuary. She loved my children Callum , Fraser and Gina . She was so good to them. Mag knitted beautiful outfits in pink and blue for them. We have been great friends all these years. I used to stay over and we would put the world to rights. We would laugh and chat about our days in Julius and our children. She even tried to get me to go to ceroc. She was an amazing dancer. I will miss her giggle and our Julius girls group will never be the same without her. She will be so missed when we have our lunches, dinner parties and weekends away. RIP my dear friend, my heart hurts and I miss you so much.

Trina Newbury

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