Andy Debski

In the 5 years of knowing the Gentle Giant as a Fraud Officer I can honestly say from the moment he got a case, he never gave up, he knew exactly what he was doing, and knew exactly what he wanted his final findings to be.  He got involved 100% and was passionate about seeing justice done to the people who were cheating the system .  I remember once having lunch with him and we were talking about a Polish brand of vodka, one he was amazed that I knew it and had drank it and he told me to have bread with it the next time I drank it because it enhanced the flavour.  Personally I don’t know if I had to much vodka or too much bread but it didn’t do anything for me and when I told him he just laughed his head off and said only you Tas.  A happy memory for me to remember.  R.I.P Andy you’re absence from our office and our lives will be truly noticed.

Tracy Saxon

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