Sarah Waller


I can’t quite get my head around you not being here.  You were so full of life. 

I loved spending time with you, hearing about all the things you filled your time with outside of work, from community projects such as repairing a lock to viewing art and having zoom work-out sessions during lockdowns (and showing me your impressive biceps!). I remain in awe of your paddle boarding prowess and you kayaking all the way to the Isle of Wight.  In our very last conversation, true to form you had me laughing.  I was about to go on a canal boating weekend, and you were also going to be spending your weekend on the water.  We had planned to share our stories on our return, which sadly never happened.

Following the first lockdown we had a wonderful day at RHS Wisley, during which you took a call from your nephew, who you clearly adored.  Our conversations that day were a delightful mix of the serious, hilarious, and fanciful.  I love that place and it will take some effort to go back there and feel joy rather than sadness.  Now I know you will laugh at this, Sarah (and not be surprised by my kookiness), but I later bought a plant that I fell in love with on our visit.  I have now named it Sarah and will make time to chat to you when gardening.  These will be somewhat one-sided conversations, but I know you will continue to brighten my day and be a source of inspiration.

You have been a fantastic member of Operational Excellence, Sarah.  You played such an enormous part in shaping the work we will be delivering for some time to come.  Thank you for your willingly given support in helping me whilst we were waiting for Marie to join as the bid team’s new manager.  You always were so generous with colleagues.                                  

Thank you, Sarah.  You were truly amazing.  I’ll miss you forever.

Tracy Savill

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