Kully Hunter


Kully we hit it off straight away when we met in 1991, when I first started working with you we became firm friends and as our boss once said “You two are as thick as thieves” we shared some amazing times, our girly holiday in Rhodes were we stayed up for 36 hrs straight and you feel down a giant curb and cut your knee open so badly, the time you got me drunk before meeting my future in laws for the first time, watching you Marry Wayne, I always admired you so much for following your heart and being brave,  your happiness about becoming a mum and being able to share that with you when both Abbey and Jess came along at the same time, how after a bad night we would walk up to you exhausted and it didn’t matter how we looked or how tired we were, our babies slept and we talked.  You supported me through heartaches and I hope I did the same for you. The parties, the nights out the celebrations too numerous to mention you were like one of my family like a sister. No words can describe what an amazing person you were and how important you have been to me in my life and to my Children who just love you. 

I am going to miss you every day, I don’t know what I will do without you really, I thought we had more time, but your in my heart and I love you.  Till we meet again xx  I can hear your voice going “Trace” when you were in the car thinking I am not breaking, you really were a terrible passenger, but I can hear your laugh too xx ❤️❤️ 

All my love to Wayne, Jess and all Gill/Hunter family.  Your in my thoughts and will be for a long time my sincere condolences ❤️ Tracey 


Tracey O'Callaghan

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