Dharam (Dibble) Dabb


We sit here after your funeral with such a heavy heart… We still can’t believe you have gone.

Dharam it has been a privilege to work for you and with you, you have never let us down and we would never let you down not once. We’ve had so many great memories and laughs that we’ve shared over these many years that we will keep close to our hearts.

We will never forget the day you sent us on a mile walk just to get you a Bombay Bad Boy pot noodle and once you had finished that you sent the other one to get one too!

You were full of life and laughs all the time even if you were having a bad day one of us would look at you funny or catch your eye and you would give us that grin and within a few minutes you would be fine again. You were such a nice guy and always joking around at work. Your presence alone made our day. Nothing would worry Dharam he was always so happy. Anything that was on our minds we’d confide in Dharam and he would listen and always say “Sons don’t worry”.You had our backs just as much as we had yours. We were always known as “The Three Musketeers”.

We both trusted Dharam with our lives, he was always there any time, any day nothing was too much trouble to him.

Dharam not only were you a true friend to us but you was like a brother to us, you will be sadly missed by us your pots (meaning sons, which you’d always called us) we still can’t believe you’ve gone but you will always remain close in our hearts, and never forgotten.

We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for you so we thank you truly from the bottom of our hearts.

He always told me (Tony) “Son, you tell everyone, on the day of my funeral, that I had a great life”.

We are proud of you. You achieved so much, and it’s such a shame you were taken too soon.

R.I.P Dharram Singh Dabb 🕊

-Dylan. Your Dad was a absolute diamond. He was always so helpful and happy. He loved you and your Mummy very much. He was always so proud of how good you were at your school and how clever you were at maths. He was always talking about you to us. You made him very proud, and we want you to know that.

Tony & Josh

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Tony & Josh

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