Mary Illing

Dear Aunty Mary,

We mourn your passing with great sorrow.

It’s only as an adult having listened to the life-stories of others that I understand what you, our parents and our other Aunts and Uncles did for us in bringing our generation of cousins together to make a rich family who care about each other. The Illings are Christmas to me, and celebrations of marriage, rights of passage and what it means to look out for each other. You always made me welcome with you, had time to listen and reflect on the bigger picture of my life through thick and thin. I benefitted from a fraction of your warmth and hospitality, bore witness to your role in your offspring’s lives and their children, and will be forever indebted to you for the moral support that you offered Mum through her illness and ultimate passing.

Please rest peacefully now, and we’ll do the looking-after from here.




Tom Nichols

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