Mr Barlow


Dear Mark,

I will sorely miss our meet ups, mainly our meals out; in Nottingham (at one of your salubrious tenants restaurants – what choice there was ;)) or in Barcelona (usually at a restaurant that catered for your bosses acquired tastes). At our meet ups you always, first and foremost, asked about my girls and how they were getting on. And we always, always, talked about your children. Your love and proudness of them all always shining through. And we talked about Marie and what she was up to – I still remember to the day when you told me you guys were an item – never seen you so happy.

Talking about happiness – I will also sorely miss at our meet ups your very english sense of humour – whatever the mood you or I were in you always made us both laugh. We also talked about your favorite football team – but less so in recent years :).

Anyway I will stop waffling on now and reach out and pass on my condolences to Marie, Joshua, Oscar, Siobhan, Fiona and the rest of your close family and friends. 

We will all be joining you sometime in the future mate.

Take care for now.


ps the only photo I have of you is one that you didnt know I took! Enjoying?! a VR ride at Cine Europe Barcelona.

Tim Potter

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