Vantil Charles

I am grateful I shared space with Vantil.

Here is what I would tell anyone….about VKC

The impact VKC left on me was this…FIND someone and mentor them…even if they don’t know what you are doing….find someone, invest in them and pay it forward.  Vantil came to the LAOW office 1-2x/year and always sent me an interoffice chat announcing his arrival.  He would set up time and we would talk for 45 mins about my life, his life, how I was feeling about my work.  He ended every conversation with words of encouragement reminding me of my value as an individual, reminding me of the respect my peers at CG had for me and reminding me of my potential.  After a few years it dawned on me that he was investing in me and mentoring me.  I was so grateful.  He modeled authenticity not only in how he dressed (which was amazing), but in who he was and it made me feel more comfortable being myself watching how comfortable he was in his own skin and how he owned absolutely all of who he was personally and professionally.  That is the kind of person I want to be and the kind of mentor I want to be for someone else.  So, what has VKC left for me to never forget, find someone, invest in them even if they don’t know what you are doing..they will get it one day!



Tiffany Nelson

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