Henry Aylett


It was with great sadness that we learned that Mr Aylett had died. Both our daughters had the great privilege to be taught by him over the years, but it was our youngest daughter for whom he had the greatest impact. Aoife had Mr Aylett as her class teacher for both years 5 & 6 during 2019 -2021. These two years, despite lockdown, were some of her happiest school years because of him. Every day she would come home full of joy and stories about what Mr. Aylett had said or done. From stories he read in funny voices to the dancing on the tables for birthdays. His love of sloths and his dislike of squirrels, well in his classroom anyway. The endless bad “dad” jokes and spelling tests which incorporated the infamous “Aylett Airlines” and “Muscle Gym”. Even through lockdown his remote lessons were just edifying – I know this first hand because it was my guilty pleasure to eavesdrop on them at every given opportunity!

His love for his family was obvious to all – especially to the children in his class. To their delight he would often regale them with stories of Casper and Archie’s antics, and they were further thrilled by their occasional visit to the classroom. Aoife would often come home full of such tales.

Despite the fun and laughter there was also plenty of learning going on. He had a magical way of making learning a joy rather than a chore. Inspirational is a word that will always be synonymous with his memory. But as well as being inspirational he was also nurturing. Aoife was always prone to self-doubt, but Mr Aylett not only recognised and praised her talents but encouraged her to do the same and above all to believe in herself. She adored him wholeheartedly, and we will be forever grateful to him for seeing her potential and making her see it too.

“A teacher takes your hand, opens your mind and touches your heart” this is very much Mr Aylett’s legacy as an educator for the many young people who have passed through his classroom.  He will be missed so very much and by so many.

Love from Emma, Richard, Ciara and Aoife (AKA Mouse-Viper)






The Walker Family

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