Stephen Tanswell

We will miss Steve so very much and are absolutely heartbroken that he is no longer here. He was our hilarious, cheeky, positive, generous in every way, outrageous and extremely kind friend. And yes, we were kissed -and we loved it.

We have so many great memories of meeting up with ‘The Tanswells’ both in Urmston and on various holidays over the years. Most involve too much alcohol, lots involve ‘just a quick drink’ turning into a long great night together and all involve Steve at the centre making us laugh. Were we laughing at him or with him? Who knows, probably  both-and he didn’t care anyway. 

Steve had a great way with kids, and that includes ours. Our kids loved him and thought he was loud and funny. Andrew wants to leave his own message in this book with his memories. Somehow,  kids listened to Steve (worrying?) and did exactly what he told them to do – carry this, play over there, leave the adults alone,  come on it’s cricket time etc. Steve taught Emma and George to play a Tanswell word game called Flag last summer so that the kids would all play it instead of being on screens in the evening. And they did play it -because Steve told them to. They’ve played it loads since too.

One morning in Wales last year, we had been on an early fishing trip with the kids (only one fish was caught, by Oliver. TANSWELLS 1 HILLS 0 boomed guess who). As we got off the boat, we looked with a bit of envy at a super organised, smug group of people with their barbecue, drinks bucket, picnic rugs etc all set up in the sunshine. Steve was immediately on it. ‘That will be us in a couple of hours’. And it was. With Jo and Steve organising, people won’t be left wanting for a thing. We had the most perfect day, with the Oldhams too, on Little Haven beach followed by drinks and dancing at our holiday house. A day of swimming, sunshine, sausage butties, s’mores, laughter and lots of good wine. Even Bertie was knackered afterwards.

Things won’t be the same without you Steve, but we will always remember you with happiness and a smile. We have decided that the Hills are going to try our best to channel our ‘inner Steve Tanswell’ and make the most out of every occasion and opportunity in your memory.  

To our lovely friend Jo and to Jake, Oliver and Emily we are here for you always xxx 



The Hills

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