Olori Bolanle Aworetan - Omojuwa Kayode

Yesterday I was asked to describe my mother in one word. I had said cheerful but the truth is there is an endless list of words I could use to describe her. She is kind, she would do everything out of love . She is determined, strong , fair , and was the epitome of who a mother should be. To find someone that could replace her is almost impossible, she is one of those people that you meet once in a lifetime. She was a woman of God , who loved her family wholeheartedly and gave us everything she had. There are various stories that circulated around my mum’s passing however it isn’t my burden to rectify wrong speculation or theories in exactly what took place although one thing you all must know is that she fought to hold on to the very end for our sake. When our time comes knocking our loved ones are not always ready but God knows best . My mother led a good life, knowing how to have fun, stay focused and how to live God and she led by example for her family and friends. She lived her true self unapologetically and always said to us in Yoruba do not tell anyone else how you live your life meaning don’t get caught up in the opinions of others just simply enjoy life. A nickname that my cousins would call my mother is Olori which in her language means Queen. She embodied this title well and lived to its true meaning. The most important thing is to live life well which is what she did, when she is remembered she isn’t only remembered as our mother but a mother to many. There are so called friends that have tried to rectify their old mistakes by attempting to show us continuous love now because of their mistreatment towards my mother but they shouldn’t worry she was the kind of person that would give people continuous chances regardless of bad behaviour. A few days after her passing her youngest sister my aunt said Aunty Bola is like Jesus. Evidently she will be dearly missed and I hope what we can take from how she lived her life is to live it to the fullest without any regrets, with love , kindness and a heart for God, attempting to be more like Christ everyday.

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