Louise Willcox


It was as an actor on The Archers that I first met Louise at Pebble Mill when she began working on the programme as an audio assistant on spot, grams and panel. From the first, her vivacious energy, humour and dynamism quickly earned her the nickname amongst the cast of “Luscious Lou”…a nickname that never disappointed!

Over the years of working with her on both The Archers and many Radio plays we formed a strong friendship, and it was such a loss when she had to eventually leave the BBC and set up her own company with her husband Roger. But like a rubber ball she bounced back, continuing to work as a (better paid?j freelancer for the Beeb, as well as developing her other work.

An abiding memory of her, Roger and the children Heather and Mark, was when she joined us as audio supervisor on one of our many Fred.Olsen ‘Archers Addicts’ cruises (on which as ever she was a superb speaker on the SFX sessions). The whole family ended up confined to their cabins due to a ship born bug for the last scheduled session. However, she never faltered, issuing instructions for the session through notes and spreadsheets under the door to the ships audio crew! That, along with the giggles we had at my having to meet with her and the cruise liner’s Executive Chef, to beg for the release of a cabbage from their stores for us to demonstrate the FX of a guillotine ‘beheading’!

The news of her sudden passing was a devastating shock, especially having only just received her usual welcome Christmas card!

You will never be forgotten “Luscious Lou” x


Terry Molloy

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