Jenny Theodule

It’s been difficult to know what to write here and to even put into words  how truly special Jenny is. Coming into Social work as a newly qualified was daunting. Then I met my assessor Jenny and felt a bubble of support and protection wrap round me. That relationship developed and continued outside of the profession and you became not just a professional mentor but a friend. I could call you at any time, you always had time for me. Whenever we would meet you would feed me. I’d be on the phone to you going shops and you would passionately talk about your family and the can of coke you had to get for your son. You had to make sure you got the right one he liked :-). She taught me so much in the time I have known her and I’m so grateful for every miniute she invested in me. You were a walking beam of love and light. Always smiling, strong in her passion and presence. So much you taught me and told me has stuck with me. Jenny’s passing has left a hole in my heart. I would like to send so much love and healing to her family who she never stopped talking about. Her beautiful grand babies who she posted on her WhatsApp all the time and we would share conversations about her love for them.

 Truly going to miss you Jenny. Your smile and energy never forgotten. How fortunate this world had the pleasure of experiencing you, just wish it could have been longer.



Tara McCue-Oliphant

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