Dave Hanson


Some words to describe my Dad:

defiant, loyal, bold, fierce, supportive, principled, champion of the underdog, devout, funny, stubborn, quick-tempered, proud – especially of his 3 daughters

One of my earliest memories of Dad was him teaching me how to ride a bike down the tenfoot at Cardigan Road, which consisted of him taking the stabilizers off, giving me a push and yelling at me to pedal!!

Another thing I remember was one or two of us, because three wouldn’t fit, sitting on his shin, him crossed legged, bobbing us up and down him singing the song “…If you think you can leave me crying, when there’s room on my horse for two, climb up here… “ then he made the rest up!

Dad made us laugh. Dad made us cry. There was a lot of rough and tumble.  He taught us how to use our fists, but only if necessary. Although we knew he swore like a trooper in the pub, there was never any swearing allowed in the house, not even S**T only sugar!

And woe betide if you dared answer back to that steel-like finger wagging at you.

Growing up as a teenager and starting to go out, his favourite expression was: “Be good. And if you can’t be good, be careful”  It worked!

Dad loved to travel and we took him with us to Egypt, South Africa, Mexico, Australia and Thailand (2015). He was an easy travel companion. Spending that quality time with him made up for living abroad and not seeing him so often and getting together with the whole family at Christmas was always very special. We will all miss Grandad’s spot-on Christmas Dinners.   

Dad was always there for all of us, at my side when he walked me down the aisle and there for me when the rug was pulled 19 years later.  Thank you Dad.

He was so resilient after Mum’s death, he soldiered on and continued to look after us during that traumatic time. I often think of my Dad as a Weeble. “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”.

Not so long ago, June 2018, chatting in a bar in Spain, he said he would live his life the same way over. Not many people can say that

I think we expected Dad to go on for ever ……

Just like Mum, he will be for ever in our hearts and minds.

In loving memory.


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