Simone Bresi-Ando

I met Simone years ago in London when she was putting on a poetry event. It was brief, but her aura was so bright.

Fast forward years later, I joined her Facebook group,  ‘I’mPossible’. I loved the messages disseminated within the group, and I’m all for our Black women and Black  girls voices to be heard. The group for me is a safe space of unapologetic united Black womanhood differing narratives and our representations in the world.

I wasn’t aware that Simone had started the group, but I wasn’t surprised when I found out!

Simone laid a beautiful foundation for our voices to be heard in a world where we are invisible, maligned and where our narratives are constantly dismissed.

She will always remain a force of inspiration to me. May her life always be celebrated. May her beautiful legacy be carried on.

 She will be greatly missed.




Taiwo Williams

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