Eulogy by Syimah

I found this really hard to write as I don’t show my feelings but as I was reflecting back on the times with my dad, I didn’t realise actually how close we was until now. As you will all know I was definitely not the easiest person to deal with (probably much has not changed now lol) and was always getting up to all sorts of trouble but one thing I can say my dad never turned his back on me. 

My dad loved me for who I was. I’m glad my dad got to see me grow and turn into a good mum and I gave him the chance to be grandad in which he was the best grandad ever. He watched me and Harrison transform, and I know he was super proud of us. I wish I could of had the chance to tell him how much we respect and appreciate him as I never got a chance to thank my dad for everything he did for me and taking me on as his child and being the amazing dad. Not many men can do that, and he was the one positive man I had in my life he was my real only dad and the best dad I could of asked for. Glad you’re at rest now dad sleep tight and enjoy looking down on me and Harrison watching us on our journey. 



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