Emma Burns

Dear Eve and Lana

I was so very sorry to hear the news about your Mummy. I am sure you don’t need any of her work colleagues to tell you how special she was, because you know that. But as well as being a wonderful Mummy she was a fantastic friend to many, many people, and an inspiration.

I worked with Emma in RBS, when she would travel to London during the week. She missed you, but she made sure to make the most of every  minute – so that she wasn’t wasting precious time away from you. She was ambitious, had tons of ideas and lots of energy to drive change. Emma   was never fazed by the unexpected – she was always calm and kept focused on what needed to be done. What I remember most is her hard work, her care for others, her ready smile – and a great sense of humour. However difficult a situation, she never gave up – and she kept smiling.

Your Mummy was a very special person. 

Susan Allen

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