Nick Short

Where does one start with Nick? Known to so many around the world, with a career and commitment that brought change to all to which he turned his attention, the community’s loss is huge. Being both generous and innovative is a remarkable mix and one very few capture – the altruism of Nick’s drive to make a difference, to those most in need of the benefits his skills could bring, was his stand-out quality for me. Knowing Nick from well before his RVC days, his legacy, too, lies far beyond one institution, and is one that will persist – from the foresight of his views on education and teaching delivery, to the charity of his support for developing nations, Nick was fundamentally one of academia and life’s good guys.  And for those of us who have workplace memories or personal vignettes or career flash bulb moments that will forever be graced by Nick’s presence, it was a privilege.

Stuart Reid

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