Doreen Keane


I can’t believe I am having to write this; it is so hard and does not feel real! Doreen always said Anchor was her second family and we are all carrying the sadness that we will not see her again.  She was an amazing lady who cared for everyone who crossed her path.

It is at these times that we all must be strong and remember the great times we shared with her.  I remember the day I met Doreen….01.04.2010, my first day of joining the Anchor family.  I was greeted by Doreen who happily told me that I didn’t really have a job!  I must have had a look of shock on my face as her comment was quickly followed by ‘April Fools!’.  From that moment I knew that Doreen would not only be a work colleague but a dear friend who would always brighten my working days.

Doreen was truly one of kind.  The only person I knew that would religiously have squashed banana and honey toasted sandwiches for breakfast. The only person I knew that would be able to tangle up her phone wire into a small bundle of mess to the point of no repair.  The only person I knew that would be able to fit in a power nap during her ½ hour lunch break or coffee hangout. 

Doreen had the kindest soul and the biggest of heart.  I am proud to have known her and call her my friend. I will truly miss her.  My sincere condolences to Pete, Sarah, Laura, James, and the rest of the family. Our beautiful Doreen will always be here with us in our hearts and memories XXX

Steph Bird

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