Billy Everitt-Clay

Billy, losing you has shaken our year group to the core. More than you could ever know. You always made people laugh, brighten up people’s days, and you were the life and soul of the party. Kindness shone from you, and you would talk to anybody and everybody. There is a hole left for everyone that knew you, even those that haven’t seen you in a long time or had lost touch. They say that happiness can be found in the darkest of places, if only you remember to turn on the light. I hope this was that light switch for you, and that you find peace and happiness within, even though the darkest of times is still to come for those you left behind. I know you would never have wanted people to be sad, but you were so loved, your absence was always going to be felt. Thinking of you, see you on the other side buddy xxxx


Stacey A

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