Bernie McConnell

I first met Bernie in an SMM conference in the 90’s and I was blown away by his innovative spirit and work, as I was equally impressed by the ease he cut short his late afternoon presentation, and invited us all for drinks after a long and tiring day. I knew that we needed to find a way to collaborate…and we managed to find the opportunity. A few years later he came to Greece and we worked together in the tagging and satelite tracking for the first time on a rehabilited orphan monk seal pup that MOm/Hellenic Society for the Monk Seal had saved. Even though he did not have to be present on site, he insisted to come to the field and work with a species he has not worked directly before. The most memorable moment, apart for the success of the project, was at dinner time, when platters full of lambchops appeared, he run to his room and brought and openned a large bootle of Highland Park scotch whiskey and threw the cork away…”when you drink with good friends” he saied “the cork is useless”. Since then we met in several conferences and I always enjoyed his work and his unique spirit, but most of all our smoking and chatting about life with drinks outside the conference venues. Cheers dear Bernie!!!           

Spyros Kotomatas

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