Bernie McConnell

Bernie-stories share humour, curiosity and care for whatever the cause or the people. When word of Bernie’s untimely passing started to spread, it felt like someone was pulling out a colourful node connecting many different communities. Bernie? – Ah, the one with the seal on the hedge,…the one who sticks mobile phones on the heads of seals,…the one pottering about in the wee green boat (Lily),…the one leading the rock pool guddle during the annual village festival,… the one in the fluorescent cycling gear,…the one with the ‘good’ hair in the picture of salty rogues,… the one Heath-Robinson-ing any sort of kit for sometimes no other purpose than pure curiosity,… the one likely to crack a (sometimes inopportune) joke,…the one with whom quick chats over coffee usually ended up with a cold cuppa because the chat went on and on,…the one who would tell me that “it was to better my cultural education” when I asked him to turn the volume down a bit as my office next door to his was filled too with whatever folksy tunes he was enjoying or practicing,…

Now I baulk at the silence……But I’m forever thankful for the education and the laughs!!!


Sonja H.

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