Cornelius Constantine & Minnie Fay Williamson

Dear Grandma

How I’ll miss that shy, sweet smile of yours and how you could say “I love you”, just with one blink. Not to mention the incredible smells wafting through your kitchen, from the cook we all aspired to be. From shaping dumplings with you, to giving you a good tease – such memories only bring sheer, unrivalled joy. Your family was your universe and you were at the centre of ours. Loving, caring and sharp-witted. You were, and still are, irreplaceable.


Dear Grandad

How I’ll miss the sound of your deep, rich laugh and sight of your kind eyes. No one rocks a gold chain quite like you. You’ll still be the only person allowed to call me Shiv. Sitting with you while doing your sudoku or hanging on every word of story time with you, the happiness from these memories shall never fade. Always encouraging. Always teasing. You were everything a grandad should ever be and more.


Dear Grandma & Grandad

I don’t think either of you realised how funny you were – half the time you were too busy bickering and we were too busy laughing. But beneath these lover’s tiffs, pure love was at their core. Our worlds won’t be the same without you in them, but I’m glad, just like true lovers, you can still keep each other’s company on the journey ahead.


God bless. I couldn’t love you more.


I can feel you both smiling down on us from the other side.



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