Hugh Williams

Dr Williams.

It is with a heavy heart I write this as I, Like Kristy, was fortunate enough to have been professionally “brought up” under your close eye. 

I feel priviledged to have had someone with such an encyclopaedic knowledge of our field to influence and guide my practice. 

Among the many lessons you taught included:

The belt and braces approach to patients’ safety (as well as your own trousers). 

Don’t guild the lilly, when you felt a point have been made (and that I was embellishing my work). 

And, as you said yourself, the most important lesson you taught, “if you don’t know, don’t guess.”


I feel the compassion you showed towards the people we worked with, who were often coping with significant trauma, hardship and misfortune and your individualised approach was an equally, if not more important lesson. 


I will miss your canny ability to identify if a situation was particularly urgent, at which point you would then decide to recount a very long, often elaborate and, not awlays particulalrly relevant, anecdote. (This in itself, being a lesson to not rush decisions).

I will miss your delight in criticising my cycling “get-up” whilst you sat in your gang style bandana. 

I will miss you correcting my English. 

I will miss your methodical approach. 

I will miss a friend. 

Simon Williams

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