Celebrating the Life of David Evans Tunde Macfoy

God called time on my beloved Uncle Tunde. When I met him for the first time, I had been in the UK for a few weeks. He had been briefed about me (future nephew-in-law). I had anticipated a session of questioning – Nope! I was wrong. We completed the plesanteries and his first remark was, ‘Ar yerri say you plan for stay’ I said Yes ‘well dis place nar hard work de pay, if you need me help, must make ar know’. He asked me to accompany him to a cash point. I couldn’t say no eventhough it was bitterly cold. We made about 4 stops along the way and he would politely ask me to wait and not accompany him. At the selected cash point, he carried out his operation, turned round and said to me ‘we don talk don eh’ I was freezing so I said yes and we parted company. We spoke about a range of things but nothing about my intention for his niece; no pressure. I did not see him frequently but whenever we bumped into each other, there was always a sense of him wanting to know how I am getting on with everything.

I went into Freemasonary and it escaped me completely to inform him. He heard about it and turned up for my first meeting (must have been there very early). As I entered the venue, the receptionist asked, how can I help you Sir? I heard a voice from behind me ‘don’t worry, he is my guest’ I had walked passed him at the entrance – my anxiety level was high at that point. He escorted me in, showed me around, had a cup of tea and he told me not to worry about anything. He never mentioned that I did not notify him and invited him as is the custom. That’s the man I came to know and I will miss him. I pray that God will have mercy on him for his faults on earth and allow him to rest peacefully IN HIS BOSOM. 


Simon Africanus 


Simon Africanus Rowe

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