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Stephen Fell

It has been a great shock when I heard our Felly had left us forever and it was extremely hard to believe that. He was such a brilliant teacher and people, always so funny, so kind and so generous. I can always remember his words, jokes, and especially his golden rules. I can still remember the first time I saw him, he was standing by the staircase and reminding us of the safety precautions of the trip. Then, gladly he became my A-level chemistry teacher and also a crucial member of my boarding life. I will never forget all the joys and knowledge he had brought to me in my four-year life at KC. If there was no coronavirus, I should have had the chance to go back to KC and visit him, I can even picture how it will be like, in his chemistry lab with his new sixth form chemistry students, we can talk about the past and make lots of fun. However, I will never have this chance again. He is always the best and my favorite teacher in my heart. It has been a great honor to be one of his students.

Shiran Chen

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