Yuk Kam Lee

To a top, loving, genuine, fun family man

Lee was a great friend of mine for many years from the day he and his family arrived in Ludgershall over 40 years ago.

We had so many laughs over the years and great conversations, everybody whom he came into contact with loved him and his permanent smile, he always had time for everybody and was always interested what everybody was doing and the places they had been to visit and took a great interest.

My friend and I Ronnie stone was in Lee’s takaway 35 years ago as we regulary did and a bit drunk, we decided he needed a more English name, after disccussing this with Lee who just smiled after names we came up with, we finally came up with Reg, from that day onwards Reg was born and Reggie. I used to laugh and think back to the night 35 years ago and then all through the 35 years later, people referred to him as Reg or Reggie, it used to make me chuckle as most really thought that was his name.

He liked to see people do well and generate happiness, he worked so hard and was dedicated to the business which served him so well over the years, a real successful hard working man with great morals.

When Lee used to come to my office, we would be talking for ages in what each other was doing and what our plans were, they were refreshing times, when he used to leave, i used to think, ahhh I love that man, such a nice guy who loved his family so much.

I am so sorry he did not live into later life and have that time he so much deserved as he planned everything so well and worked so hard for it. he was owed this as a minimum.

Rest in peace my friend, you will never be forgotten around here.


Much Love 


Sean Willmont and all the lads at Willmont Building 

Sean Willmont

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