James McVeigh

James (Mc Anbeatha to me) done so much for me, started through strictly in the club which we loved, then we done the biggest loser, helping each other along the way. At this stage we began to become good close friends and you were looking to introduce me to coaching. You got me in to help with u16s which I loved and you were texting me after every session or match to see how it went and giving me non stop tips. Next we done lip sync which we all smashed and next was the u21 Campaign, me, you, Caoimhín Duffin & dessie (the A team) what an experience we all had here, management and players. Then you step up to coach us at Senior level, you don’t know the respect you had of every player. I wish I could share the messages we were sending each other on Christmas night just a few nights ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈 James – thanks for everything you done for me and I’ll miss you badly as will everyone 💞💔🔵⚪️


Sean-Paul McAtamney

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