Vicky Simpkins

Vicky, what can I say, I was devastated on hearing of your passing, you were my manager from your 1st day in the CCG up until only a couple of months ago. 

From the first day, your energy and enthusiasm shone through and we (You, Jill and I) quickly became a great team. 

We often went out for lunches with a few other friends that you made through the CCG and drew into your circle of close friends and this then extended to several “Gin Nights” at each others houses…where you really let your hair down, as well as the Prosecco’s & Gin’s.

On my last visit to your home in December where I took the photo of Jack above. You proudly showed off your special new glasses that you had bought for Jill & I to have our gin in, only for Alfie to grab and pull a loose phone charger lead which sent both glasses smashing across the floor. 

You adored your pets and were keen for them to be part of our evenings, though Jack was a little less keen to be part of them, preferring to hide on one of his shelves (possibly due to one of our earlier visits 😉.)

I used to have such fun with you winding you up as you came up with some of your glorious slipups… I cannot order a Subway without thinking of you ordering a Chicken Chazziki instead of a Chicken Teriyaki. The banter you always indulged in made life in the office great fun, and i will always miss this.

You made a big impact on mine and all the friends and colleagues you made within the CCG in these few short years, I cannot imagine how your family must be feeling at their loss and you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Vicky you are greatly missed, you were a star and will shine brightly in heaven😇. Goodbye my friend 😢.

Sean xxx.



Sean O'Sullivan

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