Stephen Tanswell

There’s only one Steve Tanswell 


Some people came into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same again”


Tanzy,I knew from the first time I met you that we were going to be mates forever and I instantly adored you. My first memories are from our trip to Vegas where you were the life and soul, making everyone laugh and winding us all up. One of the nights where I was a bit worse for wear, you got Dexter to knock on the door of my room, (where I was in bed after a few heavy nights) after I failed to participate in that nights activities, you decided to get the lads together to pick my bed up and put me it in the corridor, stopping me from trying to escape to get back in my room!!! Sleep was not an option and I had to come out with you! Nuisance!!!


You always thought of me whenever you were doing something that you knew I would enjoy. Introducing me to your friends who played football at the soccer dome, were great times. You were as competitive as ever and always eager to win. Being over eager one game you got yourself an instant double nutmegging from me, which I never failed to remind you of! When one of my best friends moved over from Leeds, you welcomed him and brought him to 5 aside! It just showed what a thoughtful loving person you were and it’s no wonder that everyone loves you. You really did put others before you.


Our competitiveness moved on to tennis. I think it’s safe to say that you battered me every week! What amazing fun we had last summer, getting the league together with Paul, Ads, Steve and the guys. You cheered us all up after such a rough couple of years! You had an amazing ability to bring people together and make us all happy. You got my daughter isla involved in tennis  and she has created a friendship with Emily that will last a life time! Isla fell in love with you instantly, like we all did!


You had a way of winding people up which was cheeky but wouldn’t offend. Whenever we went to a bar or a social outing you would introduce me to people as “Frank’s son”, telling people that I never stop talking about the fact my dad was a footballer! I would take the bait and bite, then see your massive grin, which would make me burst out laughing! This was followed by hugs and kisses “I love you stapes” …….“Not as much as I love you Tanzy”!!!

What great nights we had. Whether they were trips out with the lads, trips away or your famous house parties where you and Jo were the best hosts. One of my proudest moments is hearing your son Jake say that “Scott is my idol” after I had fed him a few bottles of bud! Social events were always the best with you guys and left me feeling tender for days after which is always the sign of a great time.


I feel that when times are tough, you find out who your true friends are. I know when I have had a tough period, you have always been there for me and the rest of the lads. You had a special quality of helping people when they needed it the most. When I went through my divorce, when times were bad with work, you gave me advice and helped me. You were there for me and I know so many other people who you have been there for. Tanzy, you really were one in a million, an angel from heaven!


As friends go you are the best! Funny, loyal, kind, honest, a great host, a great entertainer! You were a beautiful soul, I never heard anyone say a bad word about you and I never heard you say a bad word about anyone. I feel so lucky and honoured that you had me as your friend. I used to look up to you in awe thinking, I can’t believe how perfect this guy is and I’m so lucky he chose me to be his friend. Seeing what an amazing father and husband you are, made me love you even more. I have been fortunate to live around the world and meet many different people in my life, but you are special, one of a kind, irreplaceable and to me you are perfect.


Tanzy, I will never forget you. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me and my family and what an amazing friend you have been to me. I will think about you every day. Heaven has a new angel and I know you will be looking down on all of us! You will be in my heart forever, I love you mate xxx






scott stapleton

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