Theresa O'Donnell

‘alright love!’ 

Its really hard to believe that you are no longer with us all. Life can be so so cruel sometimes. 

I don’t know where to start it was honestly an absolute privilege to have you in my life. You are such a force to be reckoned with. You started as admin and soon you were a CAM and then client services Manager. You absolutely could take anything on. You never let on when you were down and always had a smile on your face. You soon built a great bond with Jon and I do actually think it was you who made those cracks appear in his armour and you that (if only he could) let his hair down and have fun in the office haha 

My first encounter was when I was moaning to poor Martin Horler about not having my break and I was heavily pregnant. You walked passed and heard me and then came back 2 mins later with a twix. You told me you had heard what I said and that you had this on your desk and you wanted me to have it. So caring and you didn’t even know me then! 

From then we just got closer and closer and I was able to call you a friend. 

Your charity night at the Irish centre was brilliant and we got to see the special bond between you and your dad and my god could you two jive! It was brilliant to see 


There were so many nights out, Christmas parties and the odd few what you doing for lunch shall we nip the pub??….. Hahahha. Baby guinness was our thing, the amount of times we video called through lockdown with baileys, then a cider and our chats about hot tubs and your pub in your garden and planning our day of fun in your garden. Which would of been super messy I reckon with that amount of booze around us! I’m gutted that never got to happen. But one day when we meet again girl I’m sure you’ll be at the gates with a drink ready for me! 

Never gas a girl made a pint look so good! 


Your now in the arms of your Dad once again, that and knowing you are out of pain is giving me peace


Theresa you really have touched my life so much and I love you for it

I’m sending your Mam and all your family and friends love at such a sad time. 

Lots of love my fellow Irish bird 






Sarah Spencer

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