Chris Holland

I just cannot imagine life at Mercer without Chris.  He has been such a wonderful colleague and friend.  There are countless, countless times that I have thought “must talk to Chris about that”.. And he always delivered.   Sometimes a little late (literally, as he worked so late into the evening), but always spot on.  Always calm, thoughful and with great insight.   Added to that, I think he spent more time in Cornwall, my home county, than me.  In fact, even just a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to persuade him to pop in and do my father’s cleaning for him when he next visited.  He said Thomas would be really happy to do that ( don’t worry, Thomas, I won’t hold you to that..).

Every time I watch the sea in Cornwall, I will think of Chris and know that he is there in spirit.  Lots of love to all the family and know we are thinking of you.  Sarah xx

sarah pearse

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