Caroline Carroll

I met Caroline approx 4 years ago not long after she interviewed me and offered me the job!  We immediately got on well and found a lot in common particularly in regards to our families and personal interests in house renovation.  Her management approach I also noticed was quite different to anyone I’d worked for before.  She was very supportive and thoughtful in the way she managed me as she was with all her team.  Even though after a year I was moved to a different manager, Caroline and I continued meeting.  I got to meet Lola who featured a fair bit in discussions and Caroline got to meet my cats.  We shared house renovation updates on camera as we happened to both be doing them at the same time.  I recall Caroline saying how happy she was with her kitchen and other rooms as she progressed though the house.  For Caroline though the most important was her family.  Being close to them and seeing them as often as she could was most important to her.  

I will miss Caroline dearly.  She was a kind and thoughtful person who found the funny side of life.  She was one of a kind!

Sarah Marco

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