Beautiful Chloe,

I have tried to write this a few times, so here goes..

She was the most amazing friend and I feel very lucky to have had her in my life.

I don’t really know where to start with the many memories we have shared. I have been lucky enough to know Chloe since Middle school. I hope to be able to share more stories with Steve, Maisie, Sam and Coral sometime. I have tried to include a few things here that they might find funny and will hopefully be of comfort.

I met Chloe when she lived on Silverdale Drive and I remember that house very well. Lots of playing in the garden and dressing up and fun Birthday Parties. If Chloe wasn’t allowed out to play, I would hide in the bushes under her window so we could chat. I think it was around this time that we joined Riverside Youth Theatre which was so much fun. We were in lots of productions over the years; The Evacuees, Great Grandmothers Day, lots of Pantomimes and Variety shows. Chloe had the most beautiful singing voice and was a great performer.

When Chloe moved to French St we spent many hours in each other’s bedrooms, listening to Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Billy Joel, The Police. There are so many songs that I can’t listen to without hearing her voice. We would walk home from school together and then continue the conversation on the phone. My Dad would despair of how much time we spent on the landline and how much our phone bill would cost ‘You have only just seen her! What can you possibly have to talk about?’ The comments about her lateness made me smile. In the days before mobile phones, I spent many an hour waiting for Chloe at various tube or train stations. She always turned up eventually and I would give anything to be waiting somewhere for Chloe now.

Chloe was clearly very bright at school and she had a great relationship with her English teacher Miss Byrne who really inspired her and could see her enormous potential. We were certainly not angelic at school and we were particularly ‘challenging’ in our German lessons when we would repeat phrases in silly voices and make things very difficult for our teacher. There were lots of school trips and lots of singing on coaches.

When I saw Chloe last November she was joking about how she used to ‘follow’ me to whatever job I was doing. I think the first was at Sunbury Nursing Home where we had to deliver tea to the patients. We had to wear hideous brown, polyester overalls. We would pass each other with our trollies and make each other laugh. At the end of the shift we had to put the slops out for the pigs and would both be retching at the smell. What was a horrible job became very funny with Chloe. We ended up getting Saturday jobs in Kingston. I worked in a clothes shop and she worked on the jewelry counter at Debenhams. I would go and see her in my lunch break to catch up about whatever had happened the night before. She was in her element on that jewelry counter but I think she probably bought more than she sold.

Chloe was much better at remembering all the daft things that we did. I will miss not being able to ask her about things.

It has been amazing to see how happy she was with Steve. There is a photo that she sent us from the caravan where she is looking at him with such love, I love that photo. Also to see what an incredible mother she was in every way. When I think of her with Maisie, Sam and Coral, I think of them all hanging off of her. I love the photo of them all in a hammock together as I think that really sums up how she was as a mum.

Chloe didn’t judge anyone and she always saw the best in people. She was so full of love and gave it so generously.

Goodbye, beautiful Chloe,

I love you, I miss you, I am a better person for having known you.

Thank you for always being there at important moments in my life, like when you came to my degree show in Edinburgh.

Thank you for always encouraging me to make Art and be creative.

Thank you for coming to visit when my Dad died because you knew how I would be feeling.

Thank you for all the thoughtful messages that made me feel loved.


“People will forget what you said and they will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel”   –   Maya Angelou



Sarah Geddes

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