Mervyn Paterson

I joined ETH Zurich in June 2007 to work with the two Paterson Presses installed in the Rock Deformation Laboratory. Interested to meet Mervin and eagerly waiting for his next visit. I didn’t have to wait much; Mervyn made a short trip in December, 2007. Thanks to some water-line problems in the lab, which flooded both presses generously!

Since then, it was a routine to get in touch with Mervyn frequently while we were upgrading both presses in ETH. He also used to visit us at least once a year. The e-mail communications and all technical conversations always had teaching components and certainly a great opportunity for me to learn from the Master. The learning, however, was not restricted to his instruments and rock mechanics. Wine was one of topics Mervyn loved to talk about. Cricket and Snakes were also two other topics of our common interests.

We will miss you Mervyn ! Thanks for all your generous support and encouragement.


Photo_1: Mervyn with two of his instruments (Press no. 6 and 9) in ETH Zurich (2009)

Photo_2: Mervyn with Ernie, Lugi and Santanu in ETH Zurich (2008)

Photo_3: Mervyn with Luigi and Jean-Pierre in ETH Zurich (2007)

Photo_4: Mervyn’s last visit in in ETH Zurich (2011)



Santanu Misra

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