Heather Macdonald

Well, where do I begin. When I found out that Heather passed away I was shocked and devastated. When the news sunk in, I did have a cry, but I immediately imagined Heather saying “For goodness sake, pull yourself together girl”. For those who knew Heather will know the hidden jest and affection behind such a comment. I worked with Heather and sat next to her for some time, I got to know her quite well! Once upon a time I saw her more than my own family. Although she never had children, I saw Motherly ways in her. She’d have her snack drawer that she’d ensure to replenish purely for everyone else, especially “the boys” who would rummage through it regularly. One time my bus was on diversion on the way to work, I phoned to say I’d be late. Without hesitation she got in her car and picked me up. Heather wasn’t forthcoming in wording emotions but she showed she cared in so many ways. She even lent me her Penguin suit from her charity walk that she was highly fond of!

I have so many memories of Heather, this time of year always makes me think of her. She loved Halloween as it was a chance for her to dress up and have fun, but it’s also spider season which she HATED! On my lunchtime walks I’d collect conkers for her as she believed it deterred spiders. She lined them up on her window sill where she sat, one day she was eating a kit kat, she would take a bite and put it down (Heather always savoured her food!) she picked it up a 3rd time and shouted OH MY GOD!! & threw it across the desk.. a spider had crawled onto her kit kat right where the bitten part was 😂 it was almost camouflaged! I laughed so much. Still to this day I don’t know how she noticed it was there! It probably crawled off of one of the conkers. I could honestly go on and on with memories. I’d French plait her hair before she left work to go to the yard, on a Friday she’d download the menu of the restaurant she’d be going to at the weekend and we’d go through our favourites together. I’d go through to do lists with her before she headed off on one of her holidays. She was Harry Potter and owl obsessed and there was nothing she loved more than sitting in her garden, in the sun with her kindle. The laughter that would come out of her over Rotten Veg birthday cards too, she would wet herself! It was just the best. We’d talk about anything and everything, and my goodness those dance moves! Most definitely the best I’ve ever seen. 

I didn’t know Heather my whole life, but she made a significant impact and taught me so much. I’ve not worked with Heather for a few years but we always kept in touch regularly. I’m so glad our paths crossed ❤️. I’ll miss her tremendously and to be honest, I still can’t believe she’s no longer here. Thank you for everything Heather. X


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