Kathryn Rudd OBE

Kathryn was a super human – she worked incredibly hard in a very important field, she was a philanthropist through and through, she was well travelled and always seemed to have entertaining stories that I hadn’t heard before, she made time for her loved ones, read interesting books, gardened, cooked, baked, and even made her own jams. How she found the time for it all I’ll never know but she certainly made the most of every minute on this earth, that’s for sure. Despite her great long list of talents and achievements, Kathryn was the warmest, calmest and most genuine presence in any room. Her love for her family and friends just exuded from her kind blue eyes and beaming smile.

When I describe my relationship with Kathryn to someone who didn’t get the blessing of meeting her I tend to say she’s like the favourite aunt I never had… but way more fun. She was more than a just a really great friend to me because of how incredibly supportive she was of myself and my husband, our dreams and plans. Kathryn was the best cheerleader a person could wish for. We shared a somewhat weird fascination with storms, an itch for travel and adventure, many knowing looks, and a fair few bottles of Pinot Grigio over the years.

I will forever remember Kathryn’s reassuring smile that would instantly settle any nerves or stresses I had, her vivaciousness after some well-timed wit and her joyful beauty while dancing in a navy blue dress at my wedding in 2019, her straightened hair becoming her gorgeous curls again thanks to the humidity and sea air. I will hold dear the last conversations we had. We love you always, K.

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Samantha Watts

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