Pauline Fincham


I worked with Pauline in the HR Team and she was one of kindest people I have had the pleasure of knowing, so easy to get along with, nothing was ever too much trouble and she was always positive.

She was so professional and knowledgeable, she knew so much and if she didn’t know about something she would go away do her research and come back an expert! I was in awe of her confidence, I would call it confidence without arrogance which can be a difficult thing to get right, but Pauline got it spot on

She was incredibly supportive, always there to bounce ideas off and talk things through. I think there are 2 kinds of people that ask, ‘How are you?’ those who do it and move on quickly without really listening to the reply and those that ask and then listen and are genuinely interested in your reply. And Pauline was definitely the latter

I’ll miss her advice, it was always so well considered, she might go away and think about it and then come back later but it was always spot on.

I found this poem that I read at Pauline’s WRAP memorial talk that I hope captures some of the things Pauline loved. I miss her very much xx

Everywhere Tara L. Collacchi

There was no time to say goodbye. But this I ask – please do not cry. Remember me as you think best. Remember the happy times but forget the rest.

Look for me and I’ll be there, And you will find me everywhere: In the gentle touch of the breeze That cools the skin or swirls the leaves.

In the scent and colour of flowers That gave me such happy hours. On sunny days, under sunny skies of blue, Just think of me, I’ll be with you.

In winter when there’s cloud or mist, The rain will give to you, my kiss. As wood smoke lingers in the air, Look for me and I’ll be there.

Where seagulls cry above the sea And surf rolls in so endlessly. Among towering trees that soar above, In all these things that I once loved.

Look for me and I’ll be there. You’ll feel my presence EVERYWHERE!


Samantha Bushnell

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