Alexandra Diengdoh Pavel

I remember meeting Alex while we were both doing our Masters at the University of Edinburgh Law School. We became friends almost instantly, having many things in common including our birthday, we are both born on 19 August, and bonded over our love of dark humour, and horror movies. We also had many similar academic and legal interests, taking many elective courses together. Alex was such a joy to be around, and a friendly, comforting face when everything was new being so far from home, Australia, which Alex had visited Canberra as a child, and so we could discuss those memories too.

I have many fond memories of Alex; in Iceland at Goa and Oddi’s wedding, walking around campus, having coffee and scones together, horror movie nights and cooking lots of delicious food. I remember a time where Alex had a bunch of us over to her place for a sushi night, where she cooked sushi from scratch with such ease. Alex made everything look so easy, she had such grace and poise, taking everything in her stride, including her illness.

She was an extremely gifted and talented person, with such a wide variety of depth to her, she was unlike anyone I have ever met. Highly intelligent, and sensitive, and gifted as an artist, musician, and writer, a uniquely beautiful person, both inside and out. She always had the best eye makeup too 😊 There really was not anything that Alex could not do. She was as close to perfect as anyone could be. And to be taken so young with so much life left is such a tragedy, I will never understand. But I am so incredibly grateful that I could meet her, and have her in my life, she made such a big impact, and I will always remember Alex very fondly and particularly on our shared birthday, I’ll raise a glass to Alex and her wonderful life. Rest in peace, Alex. You will be very missed.

Lots of Love, 



Edinburgh Graduation

Sam Perussich

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