Devrut Amit Nathwani

Dearest Dev,


I have been putting off writing something in your Remembrance Book because nothing I say will do justice to the legend that you were.


‘Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.’ I read this quote somewhere and it could not be more fitting. In the short space of 30 years the impact you had on thousands around you was phenominal – whether someone was your best friend or had a brief conversation everyone is saying the same things – you had this unique infectious energy that made everyone around you smile and laugh, there was never a dull moment with you around and you were always the life and soul of the party, you never took life too seriously and still managed to be so successful achieving all your hopes and dreams and above all you were the kindest soul. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing and you lived by that.


Your family were your world and I still remember how your Dad was your idol and during your interviews for Uni when you were asked ‘who is your idol’ you would say your Dad. You loved being ‘Mumzy’s golden child’ and you looked up to Shruti soo much and were so grateful for her sorting your life out. When we were younger you used to talk about how you couldn’t wait to be the best husband and best father to your kids and play lots of sport with them. It seems so cruel that being the best husband to Preety only lasted 3 weeks and you didn’t have the chance to become the best Dad that everyone knows you would have been.


I pray to God to give your family and loved ones the strength to be able to get through the massive hole left in their hearts and I hope that they gain a tiny bit of peace knowing the sheer impact you had on the world – everyone wants to live exactly how you did and the best part is that you never felt anything was impossible, you truly believed that if you put your mind to anything you could achieve anything.


Take care, may your soul rest in eternal peace and I have no doubt you are having a massive party up there..


Salina Thaker

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