Devrut Amit Nathwani


Our beloved Dev,

From the moment we met in Manchester, I felt as if we clicked instantaneously. From there on, I always hoped (and knew) that our connection was special. It’s even more clear to me now that you had this profound effect on others – thank you for making all of us so wanted and personally I feel so proud and privileged that you chose to keep me so close to you.

The fond memories of us having the best of times always makes me smile. Cheers for always making us ‘back it’. Some of my greatest moments on this earth has been with you by my side, Ultra in Miami, countless Ibiza trips and our holidays with Preets and Paru. These times were filled with laughter and love – I really miss the explanations of your first world problems and I will always cherish the way you would get something wrong and then try to style it out. These times always made us all giggle.

It breaks my heart that you are not here, I never thought I would lose my best friend so young, I envisioned that yourself, Preets, Paru and I would grow old together and be like couples from the movie “Up”. It hasn’t been long since you have gone, I think of you every day that goes by and I am continuously trying to incorporate some of the lessons you have taught us in my daily life.  I promise I will channel my inner Dev so you can always be here with us.

You were too good for this world, like no other – I hope you are in the universe with your cap on, looking down at us with your loving, infectious smile and at peace.

Lots and Lots of Love



Sagar Ruparel

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