Shane Myers


I joined Lidl in 2015, and met Shane in my very first year at a Store Manager Meeting. Here was this very ambitious store manager talking to me about his store and his experiences so far in Lidl, and how much he loved working for the company. This passion for work, and the way he expressed his happiness left a lasting impression on me, and that would stay with me for many years to come.


As the years went by, our paths kept crossing, and I kept seeing Shane across various meetings and functions, and soon these brief meetings turned into an acquaintance, and I kept calling Shane “the poster boy for Lidl,” and we used to share many stories and jokes with each other.

I was very impressed with the reputation he carried, how he conducted himself, the sacrifices he made, and his hunger to do well, and after a while we had a chance to work together, and our friendship had slowly turned into a brotherhood which we both cherished.

Over the years, Shane has always been someone I have looked up to as a role model, and he always gave me guidance and made me learn how to stay positive in adversity. Shane had a heart of gold and a million dollar smile, and always took time out to look after his loved ones, and kept reminding me to do the same as life was very short, and should not be taken for granted.

I don’t think Shane realised how many people he was impacting positively in their lives by constantly motivating and guiding them, and helping them in their progression, and his sheer presence alone was reassuring for everyone around him. Our friendship was getting stronger every year, and I was so much looking forward to a lifetime of this bond as I don’t have a brother and he had filled that void in my life .

I am extremely heart broken for this amazingly kind hearted soul to have left us so early when he was in his prime, and was looking forward to enjoying it with his loved ones, and after a very long time he seemed content with his life after a tough few years.
I will miss Shane’s physical presence but will forever remember him in my thoughts, and will forever be grateful for the impact he has left on me to make me a better person, and no matter what, Shane will always have special place in my heart.
You will be missed my brother but never forgotten.
RIP 💔💔💔

Sagar Dharia

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