Olori Bolanle Aworetan - Omojuwa Kayode

Many tears I have seen and cried.They have all poured out like rain.Bola, I never thought in another 40years I will be writing this tribute! We spoke of future, we planned for future! I am still in denial some days , still waiting for your call to say ‘Sademi’ like you fondly called me. 

I sit around and wonder, could it really be true?.I look at all the pictures, listen to voice messages and ask, why did you have to die? You’ve always been there for me and for many others. With you I can be real, you are never offended, full of life and laughter. You lived for peace and always seeking to pull everyone up as you are rising.

We may not speak for weeks but on our catchup day, we put the world to order and laughed, compared notes, planned but nothing prepared me for this Bola! 

We had plan to spend a day catching up when you return from Nigeria, and I am still waiting for you to return!

Lately, I began to ask myself what will Bola say? what will Bola want? and I think I could hear your voice saying ‘ Ebami toju awon omo mi o’ ( Please look after my children) Bola , I pray God gives us all the strength, grace, enablement, and wisdom needed now to keep your legacy and look after your children. 

Bola, sleep on.  

Since the loss, I have learned that life can be taken in the blink of an eye and only God really knows when we will have to say “Goodbye”.   Bola till we meet again, Sleep well . It hurts so much because there’s nothing we can do or say that can make you come back to us, but one thing is certain, that one day we will be together again.And now until then, you will always be in my heart. 

Rest well Bola till we meet again. ( Isaiah 57:1)

Girls trip - Bola

Sade Dada

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