Linda Modest

Dearest Tassia, Linda’s Mum & Dad + Sisters and the whole Modest family.

It is a great loss for all of us not having Linda around anymore, both professionally and personally. 

Linda was a rare flower in the garden of humanity. She emanated light and happiness all the time, even in her worst and bravest moments, when that bad illenss was tearing her apart, but she was fighting back with the feareless of a lioness. Linda was such a compassionate, empathic and caring person, whom I will miss very much. Her light will always shine in my heart. Linda was a great professional, so passionate about her work, and she always approached each and one of us with so much professionality and friendliness at the same time. We always felt very well assisted by Linda.

I am happy we could have spend some virtual time together during our meditation sessions and I feel privileged and honoured for having known Linda and for being able to call her a colleague and friend. I will miss you, my dear friend.

Sending tons of positive vibes to Tassia and the whole family. A big hug.

With Love, Sabry xxx


Sabry (Sabrina Dragoni-Long)

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