Dharam (Dibble) Dabb

Dibble Dabb


This is the hardest but in the same breath one of the proudest things I have ever had to do in my life. I have tried to write this on behalf of all his friends, and from the bottom of our hearts want to send all our love and support to all of Dibbles family at such a terribly hard time.

Dharampal Dabb AKA Dibble to a lot of people was born on the 4th September 1978 just a few weeks and doorsteps away from myself and others on the bird’s estate Lewsey farm. Little did we know then that we would grow up together sharing the best childhood a bunch of mischievous boys could ever imagine and becoming more like brothers than mates. Almost all of our time was spent playing run outs, snooker, football and for two weeks in the summer during Wimbledon,, tennis which involved two people playing against each, other while the other two were either end of a dirty rope acting as a net. Dibbles love for snooker started at a young age when he got a 6 foot table for his birthday which led to half a dozen of us playing snooker in his garden till the sun went down, which is why he became so good. Dibble used to take it in turns playing against all of us at corals snooker club as we would all get bored picking the balls out for him, he was that good he could have turned pro with his proudest moment playing against his hero Ronny O’Sullivan and apparently nicking a frame against him. Dibbles other love was football and after changing from supporting Luton (which I’ll never forgive him for) he became a mad Liverpool fan and would have been gutted not to see them win the league this year. At the age of 7 we all went for a trial down the park and the very special Lewsey centre youth football team was formed, and the band of brothers extended, these would turn out to be unbelievably special years with a group of young boys staying together through thick and thin whilst becoming young men and forming friendships that will last a life time. Dibble wasn’t that interested in education like the rest of us and flew through Southfields then Halyard high school making hundreds more friends on the way, but all he was interested in was going out to go out duck and dive and earn a couple of quid. He got himself a Saturday job training to be a hair dresser at chicks crop shop in Dunstable but it wasn’t long before he swapped the scissors for engine oil, and became a mechanic at Halfords then Honda before becoming a manager at t&h motors where he met 3 special people in his life Tony, Josh and Jackie forming the 4 musketeers. It would only be a matter of time before Dibble tempted these away to help him form his highly successful business at the Bosch service centre in Burr St. The main reason for Dibbles success would always be down to his charm, charisma and his very quick tongue, he had the ability to diagnose a problem with a car without even seeing it and would often leave tony and josh to deal with customers with steam coming out of there ears, only for the prodical son to arrive, give a cheeky grin, laugh and a cuddle and it was all fixed. This was the sort of person Dibbles was, nothing was a problem everything was always going to be ok. Dibbles was as I said charming, annoying, positive, courageous, generous and massively loving. I know Dibble would do anything for anyone at any time and I know how proud he was to have the missing parts of his jigsaw in Dina and Dylan to complete his life, he loved all his family with every inch of his heart. Dibble was truly one of a kind I could tell you stories about him for weeks and know they wouldn’t fall on deaf ears as he was loved by so many, and will always remain in people’s hearts forever, but him leaving us so early has left a huge hole in mine.

I hope you rest easy brother you go light up another room.

We will all catch up for a beer and a chat another time

Love you mate

Ryan O'Neill

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