Dave Hanson

Tania, is it really almost thirty years ago, that I met your parents the first time? I’ll never forget this wonderful pair of personalities. Lovely Nina with her chocolate eyes like a warm embrace and Dave with his hoarse malt-whisky-voice. He always had my full attention, when he was talking to me. Not only because of his unique voice. Not only because his (Yorkshire-?)accent was a challenge for me. But specially because I did’nt wanted to miss the punch line that was always lurking behind the corner of his storytelling. I know some guys who will never forget Daves nice introduction into good old english tradition in summer 1997. The brides father took the bachelor and his friends out for stag night – among them some drink-proofed Germans. “Come on, guys, come on.” Legend has it, that they had a really good time rushing through every single pub in Hull. “Come on, guys. Come on!” Dave raised the bar and in the early morning some Germans did’nt remember their own names, but since then they  knew the score …

“We are familiy!” Dave, Nina, the Hanson-Sisters: all of you know how to hot up a party! Thank you, Dave, for the balls we’ve had.

Yours, Ruth

Ruth Meyering

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