Margaret Hammond

I will remember Margaret and the impact she had on my time at school with immense fondness. She had a beautiful soul, her care, compassion and kindness knew no bounds.

Having known her for 10 years, I grew up with her- she saw me go from a fussy eating toddler to a stressed out GCSE student grateful for the extra snacks she would sneak me and my friends in breaktime. She truly was amazing at what she did, she helped me get out of my comfort zone in so many ways and helped me more than I can say; she helped me to try loads of new foods (something my mum is eternally grateful for) and was always there to chat about anything and everything. She helped me discover my favourite food through her chicken curry and I still have her Sticky Chicken and Mac and Cheese recipes she gave me over 8 years ago. I have such fond memories of the cooking club sessions she ran for the secondary school, although I was the youngest and wasn’t a very good cook, she always offered me small bits of encouragement.  Aside from her cooking she truly was an incredibly loving member of the school community, I will never forget how for 3 consecutive years she bought every single student a Christmas present and wrote every single girl a personalised Christmas card, she knew us and cared for us so much and our school experience wouldn’t be the same without her.

She always would comment friendly well wishes and ‘I miss you girls!’ on my friends Instagrams after we left and when she saw one of my classmates without tights during the winter term of year 7 she called her over at break time a few days later to give her a pair of tights she had got her. This care and thoughtfulness was second nature to her and I am sure we will all cherish the memories of her simple gestures of kindness like these now she is gone.


She honestly had such a profound impact on me and my classmates, that I could go on and on…

The last time I saw she told me to look after my mum and continue to work hard, and that she would see us soon. I promise to do this in hope to make her proud.

As painful as this for us as a community, it is important that we support her loved ones at this time in any way can, including sharing these amazing memories so that her spirit and soul continues to live on through these stories.

I know that our love for her and all she has done for us isn’t in vain, after all she did not just have 4 incredible kids that she is so so proud of, she had over 170 daughters in us too, who miss her very much.


Thank you for everything Margaret <3

Ruby I

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