Dear Aunty Sade,


So loving and strong

Seeker of truth and justice

In you, one could find no wrong.


Though your departure from this life was unexpected. We take comfort in knowing your real life is protected.


Until I met you, I felt misunderstood, unloved  and rejected.

However, the promise Jesus gave us in Mark 10: 29-30 between the two of us was readily accepted. And that’s why, you were the first mother figure from Jah that I deeply respected.

You were the first mum to teach me to wake up and pray, before my feet had even touched the ground for the day.

I’ll miss how you would correct me so gently in your own loving way. How you’d smile at me when I’m ranting about something, someone or just having my say.

Or how you’d answer my cries without a doubt at smallest hours of the morning. Even though you were tired. You’d listen intently and hold back from yawning. Like a mother to her babe, you were there to tend to my cries. You made everyone feel important and beautiful. You helped us to see ourselves in Jehovah’s eyes.

Though I know you’ll be back

I still cry over our loss.

I love you Aunty, and will imitate your faith, by sticking to Jehovah no matter the cost. 🙏🏾Because Im hoping to be there when He awakens you from your slumber.

It will make my heart glad to see you roll your eyes at me, when I tell you:

“Aunty you need to save my new number” 😊🥰😘

I will never forget you

My precious Aunty

Love Royanne 😘



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