Richard Maloney

It really says everything about someone when so many people feel their loss so greatly. The amount of lives Richard touched and bettered is evidence of what kind of a person he was – never just a colleague, but someone people wanted to have around as a friend.

I remember on my first day at Kantar he sat me down and reeled off his “do’s and don’ts” for about an hour whilst I frantically took notes, and at the end he said with a wry smile “and if you do all of that you won’t get fired”. I had the upmost respect for him, his experience and advice and learnt so much from him as he was always so generous with his time. He would always answer the phone no matter how busy he was and when I would call him with a question he would answer quickly, and then spend the next hour having a good laugh. He was my mentor and ally not just for work, but he selflessly invested so much time in me and my life as a true friend without any agenda or benefit for him and I know this wasn’t unique to me.

He really was one of those humans that brought so much light and laughter to those around him, he leaves behind an enormous hole and I will miss him terribly. We will all honour him by learning from his example and I know I will strive to live up to the person he believed I could be. 

He spoke with such pride and love for his family, my thoughts and prayers are with them at this unimaginably difficult time.

Rowan Shacklock-Hendry

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